We are not official Tomorrowland ticket sellers but we guarantee to deliver the tickets without problem. Your tickets are fully covered with our buyer guarantee

We are a company based in Manchester, United Kingdom and have an excellent history of delivering tickets on time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email sales@tomorrowlandtickets2014.com. Phone line to be added in the next few days.

 Why are you called Tomorrowland Tickets 2014?

We are called Tomorrowland Tickets 2014  due to high demand of tickets for this fantastic festival in Belgium. Due to this demand we have created a completely new website to focus solely on this event and not get distracted by others. With this focus we are able to fully portray all the information that Tomorrowland deserves. We have a dedicated team for this event and they can help you in any which way possible.

Also by having a dedicated Tomorrowland website we can focus on purely on marketing and gain excellent targeted traffic. With a normal ticket website xyz.com, we would not be able to gain the amount of traffic we are now receiving. For those really interested in this type of marketing please read about EMD, basically we can recieve higher results by having an exact domain matched website. The site also uses the same colour scheme as Tomorrowland for the same reasons as above, if the site didn’t look like anything related to Tomorrowland then the trust is instantly removed. With this we are open about the fact that we are not official but also open about the prices and guarantees.

Tell Us More

Whilst we understand that there will be people that are sceptical about our website  we cannot iterate more the fact that we are not here to scam anybody or rip anybody off. We are professional ticket brokers whose aim is simple, supply Tomorrowland 2014 tickets to those that cannot get them from the official sources. We are not pretending to be official, far from it but you have to understand that we have a website focused purely on Tomorrowland and therefore there will always be similarities between this and an official page. What we are doing is similar to another ticket agency website (a simple search will show this) except we are focusing purely on the 2014 event.

Are Tickets Guaranteed?

We guarantee all ticket sales on his website and all orders are covered by our ticket guarantee. We would never dream of selling tickets that we didn’t have complete control over. We have a telephone number that anybody can ring and an email that anybody can write to. We are also registered in the UK and will guarantee to deliver all tickets.  Official promoters of Tomorrowland 2014 will not release the tickets until nearer the event date in July and therefore we can only do the same. On most occasions  we will send you tickets as soon as they are released, on others we may have to meet you at the venue to deliver the tickets. Either way you will receive them in time and you will enter the venue.

What if the tickets require ID?

Last year the same terms and conditions were that you were required ID with the ticket. This never really materialised and if this is the case the tickets will be transferable and therefore you will be able to enter without problem. We will have agents at the festival so that should any problems arrise we are there on hand to help out.

What other Guarantees do we have?

As with all other websites you will receive a guarantee from your Bank, Paypal and Google. We wouldn’t be accepting payments if any of these major companies thought we were not legitimate.

What are the ticket prices?

For ticket prices see our Ticket page. We have tickets for the Friday, the Saturday, the Sunday and full weekend camping, Dreamville. The tickets are priced at a premium due to the extremely high demand for this festival.

Ok so you are ready to buy your tickets to the Tomorrowland 2014 festival now, well for more information see our information category which lists all that you need to know regarding, Dreamville, passes, camping etc and ticket prices.

Why are you selling before the official sale date?

We understand that many people do not want to try and buy tickets on the day they go on sale due to the sheer number of problems that can occur and want to guarantee the tickets at a reasonable price before the tickets sell out and we increase the prices. Tomorrowland will sell out, be sure of that and if anything is to go on last years festival, tickets will reach in excess of €500 per ticket.

Where do you get your tickets from?

We have been in the secondary ticket market for over 10 years and understand the resale market. With this we have contacts in the music industry and other ticket brokers, all of which supply us tickets for a premium hence the reason we sell for more than the face-value.

Anything Else

We hope this covers everything but If we can help you in any way do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in any area possible.




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